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I had mentioned the site XIV Style before and how they hadn’t updated since some time around patch 4.4 or 4.5. Good news, they’re back! Many thanks to them for the site, it’s a great resource!

Bok Choy, a prominent FFXIV raider, recently wrote up a breakdown of tanks in Shadowbringers that’s a great comparison of each tank and the similarities and differences in their ability sets. I got Gunbreaker to 70 last night, and a tank is probably my next thing to level to 80, so I’ve got tanking on the mind.

GamerEscape’s FFXIV Gear Set List is a comprehensive list of armor sets available, sorted by name, job, and a few subcategories. It’s very helpful for seeing what a set looks like before you have all the pieces handy, so you can decide whether it’s worth collecting or not. XIV Style was my go-to site until recently, but they’ve not updated in several months and are missing the most recent sets of gear, including the last sets of dungeon gear from Stormblood.

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