The first half of the quest chain: Cold Comfort Farmer

There’s this one quest chain in Fable II that had me thrilled the first time I played through it. It starts in Brightwood towards the beginning of the game. You meet Giles, a former town guard turned farmer, whose farm has been beset by bandit attacks. The leader of the bandits murdered his wife in cold blood. Fearing for his son’s life, he sends his boy away until the bandits can be dealt with. Giles’ tale is one of the Fable series’ ethical decision points: do you help Giles and bring the bandits to justice, help the bandits, or walk away? If you’re me on my first playthrough, you’re all go, go, good team and of course you’re going to take Giles’ quest and get those bandits.

Say you do this, and the game’s timeline advances about a decade into the future. (You did, and it did and was going to anyway.) When you return to Brightwood, Giles’ farm has prospered. When you catch up with Giles, he thanks you again, but has another quest for you: helping him set his son Rupert up on a date. Take his portrait and find someone in town to go on a date with him.

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