• Jaren and Rohiaux in the Praetorium
  • Three adventurers standing before Ultima Weapon in the Praetorium
  • lyhe-ghiah-card-thing
  • Posing with Cactuar pals around the final treasure chest in Lyhe Ghiah
  • helping-nim-open-ex-roulette-1
  • helping-nim-open-ex-roulette-2
  • Riding the frogbot mount at night outside Eulmore
  • FC Titania Ex learning party, waiting to go
  • Rohiaux in dancer glamour, floating in the pool in the Goblet

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been focusing on a few goals in FFXIV while also helping out folks in the free company.

The weekend before last, I organized two afternoons of learning parties for Titania Ex. While folks learned a lot, and there was some progression, neither group got past the second phase. The danger, of course, is not practicing frequently enough and forgetting the dance. I’m thinking of organizing another learning party this weekend so we don’t lose our momentum altogether. Hopefully a couple weeks of gearing up from tomestone gear will help us out.

This past weekend, I buckled down on my own leveling goals. I want to get a tank and healer to the level cap. I also wanted to get dancer and dark knight up to 70 with the rest of my ranged DPS and tank jobs; to clear out gear if nothing else! After focusing on dungeon runs instead of roulettes, those last two are at 70 now. White mage is capped at 80, and gunbreaker’s at 75. Progress! But, I spent a good several hours leveling white mage from 77 to 80 on Sunday. Monday I spent a few more getting dancer from 66 to 70. A holiday weekend was the only way I had enough time to attempt this… I still don’t know where people find the time to level so many jobs. It’s a commitment!

More happened, even, but I’ll leave it in the photos.