With both red mage and black mage now at level 80, I’ve been trying to figure out how to gear up. Some folks from my FC, and friends of the FC have thought about starting a casual raiding static. (Current status: 7 people interested but in vastly different time zones and work schedules. The desire is there, at least.) The issue with gearing those two casters is that they use the same gear, but different stats are important. (Red mage: anything over Spell Speed; black mage: there may not be a thing as too much Spell Speed.) Tonight I started perusing the Balance Discord’s suggested gear/melds for each job. But, this is where I don’t do so great without making a spreadsheet or chart or something. I’m sitting on two weeks and some change’s worth of the current tomestone, so I can purchase… something, once I figure out what to get. Normally I start with chest/pants pieces and then get a red mage weapon as soon as possible. This time I’m researching. Egads.

Gathered for the beginning of the third Eden fight

Last night I ran the normal Eden raids with the greater Spawn Respawn family, which is always good fun. (They stream on the regular as well!) I needed three bits to finish that tier’s gear set for casters, and got everything in one set. That leaves me free to work on leveling other jobs for now. We ran a few roulettes afterwards and I got to off-tank a couple fights and dance through Void Ark. I probably should pick one tank or healer job to level up and focus on it, so I have options when running with friends. Still, it’s fun switching off and trying all the things.

Ambrosius wearing the Yojimbo barding

For Trials roulette we were lucky enough to get Kugane Ohashi. It must’ve heard me saying “ooh, let’s get that barding” because I won the roll for it!

I need to get into the habit of taking more screenshots while I’m playing and grouped up with folks. Having the record reminds me of what we did, and therefore what I can write about. Instead, lately I’ve been getting these post-fight one-offs.

Text from a combat log: You defeat Leviathan
Damn right I do.